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One night we were going over rhymes, we had rhymed several words and suddenly I said our last name -- Gentry.

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To which he replied, Bent Tree. I was telling one of the boys working on the farm the next day about my son's saying Bent Tree. When we found out this information, we decided to change the name of the farm to Bent Tree Farms. When it comes to music Teddy plays by ear and has written hundreds of songs. He's also the founder and president of Creative Cafe.

I am moved and honored to be in the elite company of my heroes. Teddy enjoys reading fan mail, especially "from the young fans" and wants all their fans to "Turn other people on to our music. Randy was raised with his two younger sisters in a frame farmhouse near Adamsburg, Alabama in DeKalb County, very close by to Lookout Mountain. Randy is married with three children.

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In the kitchen, Randy also prefers to eat vegetables, home-raised meats, and home cooking. When not touring with Alabama, Randy says he enjoys being alone with immediate family and most importantly, away from the telephone. While on the job, he strums a smooth and steady rhythm guitar and sings most of the solo vocals on the group's hits.

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He has played music since the age of 6 and has been playing with Alabama for 28 years. Randy plays by ear and says that he doesn't know how many songs he has written but jokes that "some of them have been recorded on the albums. Before and during his early music career, Randy took jobs laying brick, painting, farming, and hanging sheet rock.

He says his long range goals are "To help my family achieve a gentle way of living and to be known as friendly to the fans and have a good reputation with fellow musicians. When asked if there was anything he wanted of the fans, Randy asked "I want the fans to enjoy themselves and feel they've gotten their money's worth from our concerts and records. Also, I want them to understand that they are the most important people in our lives. Born and reared in Fort Payne, Alabama, at the foot of Lookout Mountain, Jeff has been playing lead guitar and keyboards in bands since the age of thirteen.

Securing a broadcast license only three days after his 14th birthday, Jeff went to work as a disc jockey at a local radio station. The "Broadcast Bug" had gotten into Jeff's blood and later resulted in him owning radio and TV stations. Jeff says that radio combines two of his favorite things, music and electronics. Jeff plays electrifying lead guitar, and all of those "hot licks" on the fiddle you hear are Jeff, too.

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Between the guitar and fiddle you would think Jeff stays pretty busy. Well, 'Mr. Energy' has been deemed the "workhorse" of the group AND also plays keyboards, bass and mandolin. In his time off the road and in addition to music, Jeff enjoys coming to Fort Payne to work on electronics projects, go bass fishing, watch TV, and work in his recording studio, Cook Sound Studios.

The studio is a way for Jeff to help other musicians share their music with others, just as Alabama has had the opportunity to do. In Jeff's words, "This area DeKalb County has it's share of talented musicians and now the opportunity is there for each of them to cut demos, records, etc. He married former Delta flight attendant, Lisa Williams, on June 9, They now spend a lot of time on Lake Guntersville, Alabama. One of Jeff's favorite cities is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he, with Alabama, spent seven summers playing their music for various crowds.

His favorite states, outside of Alabama of course, are Florida and parts of California. Jeff says he has been playing music since "Three days before dirt. Jeff and this eight piece band have several CD's out which include several number one songs on the Independent charts. Cashbox Top Group - Singles.

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Billboard Top Singles Group. Billboard Top Album Artist. Grammy Award Mountain Music. Billboard Overall Top Artist. Billboard Overall Top Group. Billboard Top Album Group.

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Billboard Top Album "Mountain Music". Cashbox Single Of The Year. Cashbox Group Of The Year. Billboard Top Artist for Singles and Albums. Billboard Top Group for Singles and Albums. Billboard Top Singles Artist. Billboard Top Group for Singles.

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  • Broadcast Music Inc. Cashbox Artist Of The Decade.

    Billboard Country Artist of the 80's. Country Radio Broadcasters Humanitarian Award. Playboy Top Country Group. Top 10 C. Visit our newly remodeled, state of the art museum, featuring over 50 years of music memorabilia. Our museum includes many personal items, videos, pictures, awards and gifts from other artists, never before seen in public until now. We're closed on Mondays and we're also closed for major holidays so please check before traveling long distances. We welcome you to come into the Fan Club Museum and gift shop, there is no charge to browse and we enjoy meeting our fans!

    The merchandise we offer changes with each time of the season and with each album release.


    Alabama Code Title 11. Counties and Municipal Corporations § 11-98-1

    Some of the merchandise includes: pencils, pens, photos, hatpins, T-shirts, caps, jackets and the list goes on. You can join online, in person or over the phone. If you have questions, please call the Fan Club at or email alabamafanclub yahoo. Limited number of tickets available.