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But maybe these claims are not so odd when you remember that the average pregnancy is actually nearer 10 months than nine. So if you give birth at 43 weeks, you are heading towards 11 months anyway. I held out as long as I could, but in the end Jack was induced. I wish it could have been otherwise. The day before he was born, the hospital consultant had made it clear that she didn't agree with me remaining pregnant for a day longer.

Despite the fact that there were no signs that there was anything wrong, there was a risk of stillbirth, she said. I could have waited another day or two maybe. But I wasn't happy acting against the hospital's wishes. The induced labour was not a terrible experience — Jack was born with no complications in 50 minutes — but it was not ideal.

I had wanted him to come out when he wanted to.

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Not when a doctor ordered him to. It turned out that he was large, but not abnormally so 8lb 12oz; his sister was larger at 9lb. And he had no signs of being post-dates: no wrinkly skin, and the amniotic fluid was clear. I wasn't sure he was really that late at all.


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Could we be inducing babies who don't need to be induced — exposing both them and their mothers to unnecessary risk? She believes that every baby will come in its own time, and she is currently campaigning for 43 weeks — rather than 42 — as the definition of "late". The dates in themselves, says Gaskin, do not indicate the need for induction. There are clear signs if there is something wrong and the baby needs to come out: reduced foetal movement, for example, a deceleration in growth, or reduced amniotic fluid — all of which could be picked up by the mother or a midwife.

Kansas vital records

In recent years the ultrasound dating scan at 12 weeks has been seen as the best measure of due date in the UK. Statistics suggest it is marginally more accurate than the traditional LMP last monthly period date. The latter method, known as Naegele's rule, dates back to It is based on the idea that human gestation lasts 10 lunar cycles nine months plus seven days and assumes that every woman has a monthly cycle of 28 days where she ovulates on the 14th day.

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The trouble is that very few women fit the "average" — hence the huge variation in the dates when babies are born. Seventy per cent arrive after their due date. And yet it has become a fixed point by which we measure everything in pregnancy. Meanwhile, induction rates in England are rising — albeit very gradually — up from Hannah Latham, 36, a writer from Bristol, was 18 days overdue when she gave birth to Noah, now six weeks old.

For many reasons, finding vital records in New York State can be confusing and challenging.

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The purpose of this guide is to help clarify:. There are a couple of crucial facts all researchers should know about locating vital records in New York State. New York State did not require local governments to report births, marriages, and deaths until Where you look for a vital record will change depending on the year and location of the event you're investigating. New York vital records are not all stored in the same location or by the same authority.

Researchers will need to investigate sets of vital records in state capitol Albany, New York City, or other local municipalities depending on the time period. There are separate also indexes to many of these different collections. The latest NY records news, expert genealogy tips, and fascinating stories, delivered twice a month to your inbox!

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Finding a New York City birth, marriage, or death record can be complicated due to the different territorial and record keeping histories of each of the 5 boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn often referred to as Kings County , Manhattan often referred to as New York County , Queens, and Staten Island often referred to as Richmond County. Where to look and what methods to use can vary depending on the county or borough you're looking in, as well as the exact year.

His suggested repositories and record sets also include many vital record substitutes for periods and locations when official city copies are unavailable.

Birth Records, Pre-1898

The following resources also contain detailed information on vital records in each of the boroughs of New York City, particularly when looking for records in the early s and before:. In general, researchers can find vital records from the following time periods at the Municipal Archives:.

To retrieve a copy of a certificate, the most important piece of information a researcher should have is the certificate number. Certificate numbers can be found by locating the name of the individual in a vital records index. Once the certificate number has been found, there are a number of ways to obtain a birth, marriage, or death certificate. Of course, researchers can head down to the Municipal Archives in person to locate the vital certificate themselves.

Vital certificates that are still at the Department of Health can be accessed, but not by everyone. Individuals with one of the following relationships to the subject of the certificate can obtain copies of birth records from DOHMH with proof of death :. Individuals with one of the following relationships to the subject of the certificate can obtain copies of death records from DOHMH:. These are available for interlibrary loan to other libraries. Sometimes early vital statistics registers can still be found at the county or city offices that recorded the event, or at a local genealogical society or public library.

Contact information for historical and genealogical societies, public libraries and other local places that might have preserved vital records are available on the Kansas GenWeb site. The information contained in these records varies from place to place. The best way to confirm an early date of birth is the nearest Kansas state or federal census , which was taken every five years between and To find a date of death, check the probate court index for the county of death to see if a case was filed.

If KSHS doesn't have microfilm of the probate index or case files for that county , see the directory of Kansas District Courts for contact information.

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Before Some pre-territorial vital records are included in the records from Indian missions. Check the Archives Catalog for information about records from specific missions. Marriage and Divorce Records Marriages before May were recorded in the district court in the county where the marriage took place. In Kansas, marriage licenses did not include the names of the parents unless the bride or groom was underage.

Our Kansas Marriage Index, contains territorial marriage notices that have been compiled from newspapers and other sources.